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Conversation Box

This idea came to me from a pinterest pin I came across once, and it got me thinking! (http://bit.ly/conversationbox2 link to original post). Usually, at the start of my ESL class I have a 3 minute show, the 3 minute show is from a student in the class and each student has a turn during the term at some point. This was poorly organised and students were rarely prepared for their show…great. I’ve always enjoyed warm ups whether it be for; sport, language or parties. I believe that warming up gives us the best possible start to…something. 

So I was looking for a new warm up for my class when I found this box! I loved it. It’s very simple, just take a small box (doesn’t need to be amazing, a kid’s shoe box will do), make a hole in the top, then decorate it as the ‘conversation box' (I actually made it a class activity to decorate it, because I’m not the most artistic person). 

Once the box is done, start adding a few topics of your own to the box. You can also ask other teachers to input a few of their own, too and then you're set. Introduce it to your class(es), and set a rule as one class must add one new topic per day, when they add their topic they get a reward (my reward is a pig pong ball in the class box, another box for another article). 

From then on, your 3 minute class warm up will be conversations about topics the children have chosen! Interesting, easy and fun! The children seem to enjoy it and it’s heaps easier than arranging 3 minute shows!

Thanks to Miss-Linda for the idea!

Like I said...not the most artistic teacher, and neither are my students! 

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