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If you’re ready to take the next step and enter a career that allows you to experience the world and share the gift of teaching English internationally, then our 120-Hour TEFL Certificate is for you! 

Our TEFL Certificate is aimed at boosting skills and employability, while giving you a chance to see the world. Teaching English internationally is well-paid, and a perfect way to give back to your global community. 

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Free 120-Hour TEFL Course details

The course is prepared by The TEFL Professional Development Institute to help people with an interest in teaching English as a second language. The TEFL Professional Development Institute provides this course as part of on-going professional development of, language teaching & teacher training within the TEFL profession.

Class Management

Learn to create and maintain effective learning environments that allow students to learn and develop to their best of their abilities. Learning how to manage a classroom will allow you to focus of learning and teaching effectively.


Learn how to motivate and inspire students using traditional methods, real-world insights from experience TEFL teachers, and the latest development in TEFL teaching. Motivating students is essential in allowing them to achieve to their full potential.

Lesson Planning

A good plan is essential! You will learn how to structure and lead dynamic and engaging lesson that are suited to your students and that work for them. Learning how to create and plan lessons is an essential foundation of TEFL teaching.


Learning new words is an essential part of learning a new language. You will learn how to build and expand your students’ vocabulary using a mix of traditional and modern techniques and teaching styles.


Finding the courage to speak a new language in front of others can be a struggle but once overcome can transform a student’s ability. Learning how to get students speaking and improve their spoken English is an essential part of becoming a TEFL teacher.


Without being able to understand a conversation partner, students will never be able to progress. Learning to teach and foster listening skills will allow you to lead your students to new levels.


Writing is a vital tool especially for older TEFL students seeking to use their skills in the marketplace. Teaching writing lessons will however be part of your TEFL position at level.


Reading is essential, both as a teaching and a learning tool. You will how to blend time-tested and modern teaching styles to lead effective reading lessons.

Testing Students

Testing a student’s language skills can be tricky. You will learn how best to test and assess students’ abilities and progress throughout the course.

About our Free 120-Hour TEFL Course

This course has been designed by The TEFL Professional Development Institute to simplify the TEFL teacher training and certification process. The Free 120-Hour TEFL Course will provide you with modern teacher training, and upon completion of the final examination, a globally recognized 120-Hour TEFL Certification so that you can begin your teaching career immediately.

Your TEFL Certificate is the ideal first step towards a TEFL career and the adventure of travelling and teaching abroad.

The course will use materials, videos and information taken from esteemed members of the TEFL community, along with industry members and TEFL Experts. The material has been synthesized for you by education professionals at The TEFL Professional Development Institute, in order to help, modernize and improve your TEFL teacher training, setting you up for future success.

How do I teach English as a second language?

We understand how busy life can get, which is why our TEFL Certificate is designed to be flexible, obtainable and affordable for everyone. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to purchase their certificate.

Our Certificate allows our students to gain the skills of a modern, adaptable and understanding TEFL teacher, enabling them to travel internationally whilst giving back to their community on a global scale. 

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