Why pay for a hardcopy of your 120 Hour TEFL Certificate



Hard-Copy TEFL Certificates Are Better


The Hard-Copy TEFL Certificate is the best option. When you complete the 120-Hour Free TEFL course you will be able to purchase the certification that best suits you. A digital E-Certificate and the Hard-Copy TEFL are available at the end of the course. The Hard-Copy TEFL Certificate is the best option.



More than just a certification to frame and hang on your wall, the Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificate has more advantages you may not be aware of.

1. A professionally finished Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificate lets you apply and present your qualifications with pride to an employer – first impressions count.


2. Many online employers will accept a digital certificate initially but to complete the process and secure a position a Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificate is often required.


3. Almost all overseas English teaching positions require some formal processing. This could be at the school, or government level. Formal processing requires a Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificate. If you plan on teaching internationally a Hard-Copy TEFL Certificate is your only option.


4. A Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificate is required for all visa processing. Digital certifications will not be accepted.


5.  Notarization and Legalization, which is often required for visa processing or working internationally, can only be completed with the Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificate.



More than 160,000 teachers have completed the TEFL PDI 120-Hour TEFL Certificate. Both the Digital and Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificates are known and recognized worldwide.


The Hard-Copy 120-Hour TEFL Certificate package is £80 and includes:


# Professionally finished embossed 120-Hour TEFL Certificate


# Official Letter of Completion


# Academic transcript


# Full ongoing support


# International Express Courier


The Hard-Copy TEFL Certificate Is The Best Option



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