STAND OUT! Your 100 Hour Professional Practicum TEFL Certificate


Welcome to the next step that will set you apart from all other TEFL applicants, the world’s first, verifiable:

100-Hour Professional Practicum TEFL Certificate

Stand out! And proudly display your certificate that verifies your practical teaching experience.


Basic requirements to attain your Professional Practicum Certificate are:


  1. Complete your 120 Hour TEFL Certificate course
  2. Complete 100 hours of teaching
  3. Register for your 100-Hour Professional Practicum by clicking the button on the left on your Dashboard Practicum details page
  4. We will contact you ASAP via email to complete the process.


It’s that simple!


Remember also:

* All classroom teaching experience is considered
* All Online teaching is considered
* All teaching, tutoring, mentoring, assistant teaching, etc are also considered


Your Practicum Certificate helps you stand out to future employers and marks you as an experienced, capable, and qualified TEFL teacher.


Some real TEFL teacher reviews after receiving their 100-Hour Professional Practicum TEFL Certificate


Brian, from UK: January, 2022

After 2 years of practical teaching experience in Spain, I was looking for a reasonable “step up” in my salary level, given my TEFL teaching experience – but it was just not coming. Then I heard about TEFL PDI Practicum Certificate, and decided to give it a go.
It worked almost immediately, I think because the certificate stood out in my application, most applicants have a Bachelors Degree and a TEFL, but few have the Practicum to go along with it!
It does cost to purchase, but in my case, that cost came back immediately, with my salary increase, so it was definitely worth it.
I would, and have, recommended to friends and work colleagues – it truly does work.

Hector from Philippines: November, 2021


Thank you TEFL Professional Development Institute. With all the trouble in the TEFL industry over the last few years, I wanted to stand out. This certificate did that for me and I am now working from home in Manila, teaching online.


Junel from Jamaica: July 2022:


While the certificate is an extra cost, it paid for itself straight away, as I was granted a teaching position in China, within a few days of applying.


Be TEFL PDI prepared and STAND OUT!