New TEFL PDI Site – Did you register BEFORE January, 2021 – Some updates to consider

New TEFL PDI Site – Did you register BEFORE January, 2021 – Some updates to consider




RE: New TEFL Site – and some issues to consider for those who had registered prior to January 12, 2021


NOTE: This message is rather long – but should cover any, and all, issues you may have with your TEFL User account, so please read the message in full.


We hope you have had a wonderful start to 2021 – a year to be filled with many TEFL opportunities!


As you may be aware, we have launched a new site, so as to provide a comprehensive TEFL education and service orientated platform for all our members – now over 150,000 members


Some issues for you to consider with the new TEFL site:


1. If you have completed your 120 TEFL Course BEFORE 12 – January, 2021



How to have your E-Certificate reissued to you –


Your E-Certificate is still valid and can be reissued and is certainly still be recognized by us.


In order to reissue the certificate, we will need to confirm the following details with you:


  • The name as it should appear on the certificate. (The name should match the recipient’s ID)
  • The email address used to register on the site.
  • Certificate number.
  • Date of completion.
  • A digital copy of your current certificate.


Notice this change was stated on the website for a reasonable amount of time prior to the site being relaunched, we trust in your understanding.



2. If you have registered but NOT completed the course:


If you have not completed and attained your certificate BEFORE 12th of January 2021, you will need to create an account on the updated site and proceed through the course in the regular manner.

Please follow the prompts to create a ‘user’ account at the following link:



3. About your E-Certificate


Using the E-Certificate


The E-certificate can be used to initially apply for jobs and alike, but you will need the Hard-Copy certificate eventually to formalize the paperwork required as part of almost all teaching positions and especially if you are intending to teach internationally/overseas or to apply for work/teaching visas using this certificate.


The E-certificate is digital to make it easier (and risk-free to apply for jobs etc.), once you pass the initial round of interviews, most employers will request the physical documents or formal copies of them – at this stage you will need the Hard-Copy certificate – purchasing details are below.


4. How to purchase your professionally Embossed, Hardcopy 120 TEFL Certificate – the ticket to ALL TEFL positions!


Purchasing from Legacy Account – Getting your Embossed, Hardcopy 120 Hour TEFL Certificate


The site has been updated and older accounts (created before 12th of January, 2021) cannot be accessed. This means you are not able to complete purchases using the older accounts.


There two options open to us here:


(i) First would be to register on the new site and complete the course in the regular manner. You will need to create a new account on the updated site using a new/alternate email account.



(ii) The second option would be for us to manually produce your certificate for you. This is possible and would not take any longer / not delay your certificate delivery.


With regard to payment because you are not able to complete payment on the site through regular means we could forward you a payment request to a nominated PayPal account (email address registered to the PayPal account would have to be provided).


In order to nominate a PayPal account, we will need you to send us the email address registered to the PayPal account.


Once this is done, a payment request for £80 GBP – British Pounds – (Hard-Copy TEFL Certificate Package) will be sent to the nominated address.


After the payment request is completed, we proceed with post-purchase confirmation of your certificate and delivery details before processing your certificate and sending it via international express couriers. The entire process including delivery is normally completed within 10-days.



5. Verification Process – How can an employer verify my Certificate?




Certificates issued prior to 12 January 2021 or manually reissued, cannot be verified online, they can only be verified individually, this provides a greater deal of security.


If you or your employer wish to have a certificate verified, please forward us a copy and we will begin the process for you. 


We can then send a confirmation to a nominated third party such as an employer if this is required. If this is something you wish, please inform us of the contact details and email address you wish us to use.


This is an established process, and we are happy to take the time to confirm with any future employer that your TEFL certificate is legitimate.


If it is essential that the certification be verifiable online and not through direct confirmation by us, you will need to register and complete the courseware on the site and obtain a new certification in the regular manner.




Please stay in touch as we have many exciting new services to offer you in 2021, such as:


* Comprehensive WORLDWIDE Jobs Board

* Online teaching opportunities

* Information Articles specifically for TEFL Teachers


Thank you,


Michael Christian









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