TEFL Lesson Plan with Kim Kardashian content

Kim Kardashian and TEFL



Creating a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) lesson plan with content related to Kim Kardashian can be engaging and culturally relevant for students interested in pop culture.


It’s important to use such content judiciously, ensuring it’s appropriate for your student’s age and language proficiency level.


Here’s a sample lesson plan for an intermediate-level adult ESL class:


Lesson Title: Celebrity Culture and Kim Kardashian

Level: Intermediate


To improve students’ listening, reading, and speaking skills.
To discuss the topic of celebrity culture and its impact on society.
To practice vocabulary related to entertainment and pop culture.


A short video clip or audio clip featuring Kim Kardashian (e.g., an interview or news segment).
Copies of a news article or transcript related to Kim Kardashian.
Whiteboard and markers.
Handouts with vocabulary related to celebrity culture.
Duration: 90 minutes



Warm-up (10 minutes):

1. Begin the lesson by asking students if they are familiar with Kim Kardashian and what they know about her. Write any relevant information on the board.
Listening (20 minutes):

2. Show a short video or play an audio clip featuring Kim Kardashian. Choose a segment that is clear and not too fast-paced.

3. Afterward, ask comprehension questions to check understanding. For example:

What was Kim Kardashian talking about in the clip?
How did she express her opinion or feelings?
Did you notice any specific vocabulary words or phrases she used?

Vocabulary (15 minutes):

4. Introduce and discuss vocabulary related to celebrity culture. Write words and phrases on the board and have students repeat and explain their meanings. Include terms like “paparazzi,” “tabloids,” “red carpet,” “fan base,” etc.

Use the vocabulary in sentences related to Kim Kardashian or other celebrities. Have students create their sentences using the new words.

Reading (20 minutes):

5.  Distribute a news article or transcript related to Kim Kardashian. It could be about her career, charity work, or any recent events involving her.

Ask students to read the article silently and underline any words or phrases they don’t understand.
Have students discuss the article in pairs or small groups, summarizing its main points and sharing their opinions on the topic.

Discussion (15 minutes):

6. Lead a class discussion on celebrity culture and Kim Kardashian. Encourage students to express their opinions on the influence of celebrities on society, both positive and negative.

You can use discussion questions like:
Do you think celebrities like Kim Kardashian have a responsibility to be role models?
How does celebrity culture impact our lives and values?
Are there any positive aspects to following celebrities?

Wrap-up (10 minutes):

7. Summarize the key points of the lesson and encourage students to reflect on what they’ve learned.

8. If time permits, you can show a short video or article about another celebrity and have students compare and contrast their opinions and experiences with different celebrities.


Remember to adapt the lesson plan based on your student’s English proficiency level and their level of interest in celebrity culture. It’s important to strike a balance between engaging content and meaningful language practice.


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