In-Country TEFL positions set to reopen for a FEBRUARY, 2022 start

Teaching overseas positions starting to reopen with travel permitted


It has been “a while” since in-country (that is overseas) TEFL teaching positions have been open, given the situation internationally for the past 20 months.


We are being reliably informed by some of the TEFL industry’s major employers that applications will be reopened within the next 2 months for positions starting in February 2022 – particularly in Mainland China.


Whilst many online positions have ceased, full-time in-country TEFL teaching positions will be taking applications very soon.


Firstly, we encourage everyone to complete their TEFL Certificate course and start getting all the required paperwork together – so that you are  “ready to go” with your teaching application.


Secondly, if you have already completed the course, you should consider obtaining a 120 Hour TEFL Hardcopy copy certificate, which is professionally embossed and also comes with all the letters required for you to be issued visa documentation, etc


It appears as though TEFL is rebounding from recent events worldwide – so we look forward to everyone “riding the wave” again.


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