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E-Certificate (Digital) or Hardcopy, Embossed Original Certificate


New Year, New Site

We have undertaken an update to our site. This also means some changes to some of the functions and procedures, which we hope will make the site better for our users and partners in 2021 and beyond.


The TEFL Course remains FREE and open to all. Our mission is to provide as many people as possible the gift of English and all the opportunities that come with learning and teaching a new language.


Our ethos is to allow as many people as possible access to a globally recognised TEFL Certification that will allow new and hopefully greater opportunities to teach and share the gift of English with others. We welcome everyone, no matter background or situation to take our free online 120-hour TEFL Course and unlock new career and teaching opportunities.


New Certification Options

As part of our recent update, we are happy to provide our students with a range of certification choices that will allow you to move forward risk-free and more professionally with your chosen career pathway.


All members that complete the free online 120-hour TEFL Course are awarded a Memorandum of Completion. This allows you to begin your chosen career path or job-hunt without the need to make a purchase – free life changing opportunities to all.


Depending on your chosen pathway, some employers may require a TELF Certificate, either in digital (as is often the case with online institutions) or Hard-Copy (as is often the case with formal institutions).


Purchasing Your Certificate £20 or £80

Purchasable certificate options range from £20 – £80 depending on which option you select and wish to purchase. The digital certificate is £20 and mostly used for applications and for those seeking online teaching positions. The Hard-Copy Certificates are £80 and is most often used for formal applications and official processing. Payment is made through a secure PayPal portal. Once payment is received, we may contact you to confirm the delivery address, if this is required. You can find more information under the Certificates tab.



A 120-hour TEFL Course and Certificate is an investment in future career pathways and in your own future opportunities. The relative cost in time, energy and money is repaid quickly in the opportunities presented, doors opened, income generated and the joy of giving the gift of English to another generation.


All the best for a prosperous 2021,


Michael Christian



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