China is a TEFL Powerhouse

China is the single biggest destination for TEFL teachers, mandatory English curriculums, large and affluent populations, dynamic cities and millions eager to learn makes it’s the ideal place for TEFL teaches.


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China has an insatiable demand for TEFL teachers. A rapidly changing country China is now home to all the conveniences of modern life and more. A low cost of living makes saving, even on a modest salary, very easy.

Teach, travel, learn, explore and grow surrounded by the fastest changing society in human history. Learn critical career skills whilst boosting your resume with international experience in the world’s most important economy.

Why teach in China

The cost of living in China is low and very reasonable, even on a modest salary. Because of the demand for TEFL
Certified English as a second language teachers, living in any city in China as a TEFL teacher is essentially carefree.

But that isn’t the only benefit…

International Experience

Generous Salaries

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Travel Opportunities

Global Perspective

China needs you!

In 2015, over 8 million students took part in ‘GaoKao’ (China’s nation-wide university entrance examination), all of which needed to successfully complete an English language section.

China places absolute value on education, family honour, and personal dreams. Thus, a student’s future can all be determined in a single examination, which is why TEFL-Certified ESL (English as a Second Langauge) teachers is unfathomable and insatiable.

China’s goal is to use the English language and TEFL Certified ESL teachers to improve economic integration and transition into the world economy.