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Professional Practicum Certificate - Package

Role-plays and playing pretend are useful, but they will never fully prepare you for TEFL teaching:.. It's a waste of money and time The TEFL Professional Development Institute has the solution We have partnered with TEFL Industry leaders to offer a new kind of opportunity: Fully Paid and supervised TEFL teaching whilst earning your Professional Practicum (100 Hour) Certification.

Get Paid To Teach: Get Certified Whilst You Do It.

Through our TEFL Teaching partners we can offer the opportunity to be a fully paid TEFL teacher working in a location of your choosing, whilst gaining your 100 Hour Certification. You will benefit from the feedback, advice and support of our TEFL industry partners and the experience of teaching The 100 Hour Certification Program offers you the following:
  • Fully Paid TEFL Teaching Position, with a Trusted TEFL Industry Partner.
  • Your choice of 20 leading TEFL Destinations 
  • 100 Hours of Fully Paid Supervised Real-Life TEFL Teaching.
  • Advice, Feedback & Support, from a Trusted TEFL Industry Partner.
  •  Advice, Feedback & Support, from teachers, parents & students.
  •  On Going Access to Course Materials & Review. 
  •  100 Hour TEFL Teaching Certification. 

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