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Professional Practicum Certificate - Leaning Outcomes

The TEFL Professional Development Institute's Professional Practicum (100 Hour) Certification, certifies that you are not only qualified on paper but are able to actually teach. TEFL Certification proves that you understand the basics you need to teach English as a second language. But without applying those skills in a REAL TEFL classroom your journey is not complete. 

No amount of study, learning or advice can prepare you for a classroom full of students who are tired, grumpy and can not understand the lesson you planned. Nothing prepares you for a TEFL career like trying, failing, reviewing, and then trying again. There is no better teacher than experience. 


Your Professional Practicum (100 Hour) Certification, may be only be completed after obtaining a TEFL Certificate (Free TEFL Certificate). Once you completed your Certificate, enroll through one of our trusted international TEFL partners (TEFL Jobs)

The Professional Practicum (100 Hour) Certification, is intended to provide candidates with the opportunity to apply basic TEFL in a REAL-LIFE environment. The program gives candidates the opportunity to put into practice TEFL Skills and theory within a real-life TEFL Environment. Successful candidates will be expected to:  

  • Research student ability plan lessons to match student ability & interests. 
  • Conduct lessons as directed by school management. 
  • Review lesson objectives, successes, failures. 
  • Reflect on possible improvements. 
  • Discuss reflections and possible improvements with colleagues and management.
  • Incorporate colleague and management advice/feedback. 
  • Re-plan and reteach lessons with Different Students, incorporating and demonstrating reflections and advice.
  • Reach successful learning outcomes whilst increasing capacity & capability 
  • Conduct program whilst living abroad (in-country). 
  • Maintain professional, culturally, appropriate & sensible conduct throughout the program, both inside and outside of the Classroom. 
  • Maintain a Record of: lessons taught, changes made, reflections, advice & class profiles. 
  • Submit a Reflection Essay discussing 'Lessons Learnt' from experiences as part of the Program (+2,500 word limit). 

The Professional Practicum (100 Hour) Certification, is intended to demonstrate both, what  TEFL teaching is actually like, Whilst greatly increasing your skills & experience as a TEFL teacher

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