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Free Online TEFL Certificate

A TEFL certificate is your first step to a professional TEFL position teaching English as a foreign language. In order to receive your Free TEFL Certificate you will need to complete an online course and pass an online examination to a proficient level.
Course Outline

This  Free TEFL Certificate is accepted globally by both governments and employers. 

Working as a foreign expert or TEFL teacher, will often require you to produce a TEFL certificate as part of your visa application (requirements vary according to country). This free TEFL is accepted by all TEFL teaching destination countries. This Certificate is also recognised by employers in the leading TEFL teaching counties. [TEFL jobs]

  • Globally Recognised
  • World-Wide Government Acceptance:
  • E-Learning & Online Exam
  • FREE E-Copy
  • Professional Hard-Copy available
  • Practicum available
  • Visa application Requirement

Free Online TEFL Course

The course will use materials, videos and information taken from esteemed members of the TEFL community, including: Cambridge University Press, The New School of New York, University of Oregon, The British Council, Oxford University Press, along with industry members and TEFL Experts. The material has been synthesized for you by education professionals at The TEFL Professional Development Institute, in order to help, modernize and improve your TEFL teacher training. [TEFL Course Outline]

Completion of the Free TEFL Course and obtaining your TEFL Certificate will allow you to apply for our Practicum-100 Hour Certification. During which you will be employed as a fully paid TEFL teacher overseas whilst conducting your first 100 hours of TEFL teaching with the supervision, feedback and support of your new employer.            

[Practicum – 100 Hour Certification]

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