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We at The TEFL Professional Development Institute, are here for you. We provide quality teacher training and TEFL Certification to those determined to teach English as a second language. English is the global language, we believe that by expanding and improving English teacher training we can give back to the global community. The institute is the result of years of experience and work within the TEFL industry both at home and abroad.


The TEFL Professional Development Institute, includes members from all major sectors of the teaching industry. We bring together: education professionals experienced in running departments and entire schools abroad, current and former teachers whom have ridden the roller-coaster of TEFL teaching and learnt every trick there is, educational managers experienced in running language centers and private schools in Asia, former TEFL students whom are able and have themselves become TEFL teachers giving us perspective and understanding, graduates of Education able to infuse new methods, thinking and energy, and lastly business managers able contribute business-world understanding and direction from over a decade in the TEFL industry.

Education Liberates The Mind, It Is The Right of Every Person.

Decades of experience and perspective from those in the TEFL industry, co-operating to deliver to you quality, modern teacher training. Our Members reflect our global outlook, we bring together experienced industry professionals from all over the world to reflect the new global world. Unique understanding from global experiences are brought together to provide modern teacher training that is relevant and practical. We are here to give back and share our experiences and knowledge. Our goal is to teach you: how to teach English as a second language, so that you too may take the first step in becoming a TEFL Certified teacher.


English Teacher Training and Learning to English as a Second Language, SHOULD NOT be Costly! We at the Professional Development Institute believe that TEFL teacher training and the TEFL Certificate process, SHOULD be within the reach of everybody. Our goal is to change the world by providing aspiring teachers and motivated professionals the tools, skills and knowledge they need to begin and improve their career as a TEFL qualified teacher. The TEFL Industry is bloated with high cost providers, based on profiting from young teachers dreams. Our goal at the TEFL Professional Development Institute is to provide you with the skills, techniques and certificates you need to teach English as a second language, for free or at the lowest possible cost.

We Know What Works Because We Do It Every Day!

We have decades of experience teaching English as a second language, we have worked all over the word and created a global community. We understand the difference learning and teaching English as a second language can make in people's lives. The TEFL Professional Development Institute, is here to give back to you and to your future students. Our aim is to teach people so they can create a better tomorrow, we are professionals. It is because of our experience as TEFL teaching professionals, that we can discern the best methods, materials and advice to help you. The TEFL Professional Development Institute, is here to give you the best start to your TEFL teaching career.

E-Learning is the future:

Our courses and materials are exclusively online. Accessible to you as and when you please. The only paper you will ever see is your TEFL Certificate. This enables us to give you more, for next to nothing.

We have worked and are working in the TEFL Industry, we know what works.

We wake up every morning, have a coffee, take a deep breath and head for the coal-face of the TEFL Industry, whether in the classroom or office each our members truly understand the breath of the TEFL industry. Our members have years of experience as education professionals. We are able to separate good advice from disconnected nonsense, we take the best materials available from within the TEFL community, try it, update it, simplify it add in real world advice and our years of experience to deliver you the best quality materials, methods and techniques.

Do not waste your time: Do not waste your money.

You DO NOT need to pay exorbitant prices, nor attend multi-day seminars: in order to gain the skills, knowledge needed to teach English as a second language and become a TEFL Teacher. We are professionals able to give you your professional qualifications you need, without the breaking the bank.

Our aim is to provide you with the Teaching Skills,
you need to earn your TEFL Certificate,

and teach the English Language.

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