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TEFL is about teaching; nothing can truly prepare you for teaching, other than actually teaching You can study everything there is to study, learn every trick of the trade, watch every video and listen to all the best advice but unless you actually get in. front of a class and lead a successful lesson you will never be truly ready.

It's one thing to talk about it: it's another thing entirely to do actually do it!

Becoming a qualified TEFL teacher does not need to be prohibitively expensive. Why should wanting to be TEFL teacher cost thousands ?! Attending expensive courses and conducting mock lessons are useful, sure, but it does not prepare you as much as you might think. Conducting a mock lesson with your fellow course members pretending to be English students, bares little similarity with a real TEFL classroom any TEFL teacher will tell you that. For starters, your fellow course members speak English, whereas your students do not ... enough said!

Do not Pay to Learn TEFL: Get Paid to TEFL Overseas

Learning in a classroom or practicing with fellow English speakers can only be useful to a degree, at a certain point we all needed to decide whether we wanted to be a teacher or just practice at being a teacher. The TEFL Professional Development Institute's Free Online TEFL Certificate, Will Provide you with modern Teacher Training, and upon Completion of the Final Examination, a Globally Recognized international TEFL Certificate . Your TEFL Certificate is the Ideal first step towards a TEFL Career. The TEFL Professional Development Institute's Professional Practicum (100 Hour) Certificate is your next step.

Real Experience That No One Else Can Match.

Our Professional Practicum (100 Hour) Certification allows to apply the basics learnt during your TEFL Certification, whilst being a fully paid TEFL teacher. Take the opportunity to learn from other experienced teachers, learn from management feedback and student interaction. Try your ideas, let your inspiration run wild; try it, review it, improve it, try it again tomorrow, all the time benefiting from the support and real-life experience of being a Fully Paid TEFL Teacher.

Why practice with fake students when, you can go to any one of the Top-20 TEFL destinations and make money whilst; living, travelling and experiencing a new country and culture?

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